UNCCD podcast series: episode 4

Thato Mokgadi

The first webinar on land-based jobs for youth was held successfully in November last year. Experts shared practical knowledge to help young people to overcome key obstacles to creating their own jobs. More specifically, they talked about building self-confidence and generating creative ideas. Due to time constraints, important questions from the participants were not discussed. The experts answer these questions in two podcasts. 

In this podcast episode, we speak to Ms. Thato Mokgadi, the Tomato “Agripreneur” from Botswana. She provides insights on a wide range of issues for those just starting out; from the key steps in starting a business to when and where to find and invest money. Ms. Mokgadi shares: the top three tips when moving from the corporate sector into Agribusiness; about technology use and how to choose the plants most suitable for your business; as well as mentorship and staffing issues in rural areas. 

Tune in to the podcast to learn and pick up winning ideas, and overcome the fear of building land-based business and creating your own green jobs.

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