UNCCD presents its work to the Rotary Club members in Chile

unccd at rotary club

Santiago de Chile  – The UNCCD presented its work at the Rotary Club Vitacura on 21 November, 2018 to discuss the threats, causes and impacts of desertification with the local members of the organization that has over 1 200 000 across five continents.

The president of the club Mr. Marcelo Canobra welcomed the head of the UNCCD Regional Coordination Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean Mr. Jose Miguel Torrico and emphasized how important it is for the club members to stay informed on environmental issues and become involved in activities that can help address land degradation in the region, such as reforestation and awareness raising.

The meeting concluded with a round of questions and answers on the role that UNCCD plays in the fight against desertification. The participants also proposed that the Rotary Club be accredited as a civil society organization (CSO) to the UNCCD, becoming an advocate for the key UNCCD  issues. 

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