Webinar #2 on land-based jobs for youth

green thumb

Are you motivated, have great ambitions and ideas but can't find a job that matches your interests? Want to become a job creator but don’t know where to start? Concerned that you might fail because you lack the finances, connections, a winning idea or the mentors you need to get started?

Join us for the next webinar in the series, this time with the focus on the Latin America and the Caribbean region!

You will get a chance to connect with people who, like you, had dreams and fears, but took the leap of faith, started small land-based businesses and became successful owners of projects that are scaling new heights or breaking new ground. They will also share how they deal with the setbacks, and answer your questions.

Talking about creating land-based jobs is important because the world is changing. By 2030, over 25.6 million young people between 15 and 29 years will enter the labor market. This will affect you. Tune in to hear how young leaders are breaking new ground and creating opportunities for their peers to start sustainable land-based jobs. The webinar can help you position yourself on the green jobs market. More info coming soon!