Webinar #3 on land-based jobs for youth

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The third webinar on land-based jobs for youth will focus on building your business and seizing opportunities. The panellists speaking at the Asia webinar will:

  1. Share knowledge about the market and policy environments in Asia that help land-based jobs to come out of the pandemic stronger
  2. Identify the market and policy challenges young entrepreneurs need to take into consideration for their enterprise
  3. Advise young entrepreneurs working in the land sector about the relationships they need to build not just to survive, but to thrive

COVID-19 has worsened an already difficult employment environment for young people. The disruption of education will have a lasting effect on children and young people. The loss of jobs combined with governments' efforts to contain the community spread of COVID-19 means that young people without work experience may face even greater challenges finding employment.

At the same time, the global policy shift toward land-use practices that avoid, reduce or reverse land degradation offers young people a new opportunity to jump-start their careers. This webinar will address the market and policy conditions that young entrepreneurs need to take into accountto succeed as profit-making conservationists, landscape planners, "agripreneurs" (tech-driven and start-ups in agriculture) or supply-chain social entrepreneurs.

While a significant proportion of young people employed in job sectors linked to the land have beenimpacted by COVID-19, they also demonstrate high entrepreneurship and tend to align their work with the sustainable development goals.

Combining these values with the knowledge on how to turn and-based business ideas into profitable enterprises should become a part a transformative economic recovery.

Thursday, 6 May 2021
07:00 to 08:15 UTC
Register hereInterpretation is available in English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian

Mr. Shameek Chakravarty – Founder and CEO at Farmizen
Mr. Mincheol Jeong – Founder and Director of Tree Planet

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