World Food Day 2016

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​On 16 October of each year, the United Nations bodies commemorate this day as World Food Day to remind us that no one should be in hunger.

The life of humans depends on land. Unprecedented rates of degraded land and ecosystem loss will bring unwanted consequences such as hunger, forced migration and increasing tension on human insecurity. Therefore, the UNCCD advocates for managing our land resources including agriculture in a sustainable way to ensure food security around the world.

The UNCCD is confident that through achieving Sustainable Development Goal 15 Life on Land in particular 15.3 Land degradation neutrality, it would catalyse in achieving the Zero Hunger global goal. Implementation of sustainable land resources management has proved to be effective in enhancing productivity with less inputs; alleviating poverty and generating employment besides reducing greenhouse gas emission and making communities more resilience to climate change impacts.

The theme of 2016 World Food Day is “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.” strongly sending the message that we need to be proactive to nurture our land resources: soil, water, wildlives, etc. to end hunger.

Happy World Food Day!

For more information on World Food Day, visit this link.