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Great Green Wall Initiative

green field close to desert area

What is the Great Green Wall? 

Imagine a living symbol of hope, the largest living structure on the planet, one that stretches 8,000km across Africa, ushering in a new era of sustainability and economic growth. 

Launched in 2007 by the African Union, the game-changing African-led Great Green Wall initiative aims to restore the continent’s degraded landscapes and transform millions of lives in the Sahel.  

This ambitious project is being implemented across 22 African countries and will revitalize thousands of communities across the continent. It brings together African countries and international partners under the leadership of the African Union Commission and the Pan-African Agency of the Great Green Wall. More than USD 14 billion has been raised and pledged to support this game-changing initiative. 


The GGW initiative’s ambition is to restore 100 million hectares of currently degraded land; sequester 250 million tons of carbon and create 10 million green jobs by 2030. This will help communities living along the Wall to grow: 

  • one of humanity’s most precious natural assets: fertile land 
  • economic opportunities for the world’s youngest population 
  • food security for the millions that go hungry every day 
  • climate resilience in a region where temperatures are rising faster than anywhere else on Earth 
  • a new world wonder spanning 8000km 

Public awareness campaign 

Growing a World Wonder is UNCCD’s campaign to raise awareness about the Great Green Wall. 

The campaign aims to inspire a global popular movement to deliver this urgent African-led dream by 2030. It centers on the core narrative that the Great Green Wall is a compelling symbol of hope addressing challenges ranging from climate change to food security, migration to resource-driven conflict. It is a concrete example of man and nature working together to create a unique legacy – a new world wonder for the next generation.  

The campaign aims to boost global awareness of the initiative in public spheres, policy debates, as well as media and cultural sectors with a clear view towards inspiring long-term public and private investment. 

It has already reached millions of people through media outreach, events, and civil society involvement. Among the future highlights is the release of the Great Green Wall documentary produced in collaboration with the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Fernando Meirelles and Malian singer Inna Modja.