The Land in Numbers: Livelihoods at a Tipping Point

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UNCCD Publications

Numbers can tell a compelling story. In this brochure, the numbers highlight how much we rely on productive land. Amongst other valuable  services, land feeds our families, provides fresh water and powers our future ambitions. Much of the data collected here, however, demonstrate  how close we are to pushing our relationship with the land to breaking point. The magnitude of the challenges and potential consequences of  failing to implement bold action on land and soil, in terms of future social stability and economic development, should not be underestimated.By securing land as vital natural capital, we can make a positive impact on food and water security while coping with a changing climate. By adopting sustainable land management practices, we can build the resilience of millions of people in each and every corner of the earth. The numbers tell a story. From it, we can determine what we should do now in order to make land degradation neutrality a reality for us and for future generations.