Shaping an Enabling Environment for LDN Science-Policy Brief

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Science Briefs series

Shaping an enabling environment for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) calls for integrated land use planning, inclusive and environmentally sound land access and governance, major reconfigurations of current institutional settings, financial backing, and ongoing dialogue between policy-makers, practitioners, and the scientific community. This science-policy brief provides – in a nutshell – guidance for policy-makers, to support countries in their efforts to create an enabling environment for LDN planning and implementation.LDN measures that are designed based on the response hierarchy (avoid > reduce > reverse) can bolster multiple environ-mental, social and economic benefits (Figure 1). These multiple benefits strengthen the enabling environment, and at the same time, the enabling environment can foster multiple benefits. The above described four dimensions of an enabling environment are pivotal, with land governance given specific attention.