Turning the tide: The gender factor in achieving the Land Degradation Neutrality

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Poor rural women in developing countries are critical to the survival of their families. Fertile land is their lifeline. But the number of people negatively affected by land degradation is growing rapidly. Crop failures, water scarcity and the migration of traditional crops are damaging rural livelihoods. Action to halt the loss of more fertile land must focus on households. At this level, land use is based on the roles assigned to men and women. This is where the tide can begin to turn. As we embark on a new strategy for 2018-2030, we must build on these lessons with a focused, systematic and practical approach that addresses land resources. We must build on the global consensus around the Sustainable development goals, particularly on gender and on Land degradation neutrality to turn dreams into reality for poor rural women. every woman and every family can have a fighting chance for a decent life.