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State Statistics Service of Ukraine

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SSC of Ukraine
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3 Shota Rustaveli Street
Kyiv city


UKRSTAT.ORG site is created in order to improve ease of published documents State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Documents prepared by the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine published on the official site office at but unfortunately, this website is created with the use of outdated web technologies, such as frames and menus on the javascript, making it impossible to index the content of this website by search engines, and also inconvenient to users of modern web browsers. In itself otsutsvtie indexing of your site in search engines makes it impossible to search for documents.

To enable more convenient to use public documents of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, we have created this site UKRSTAT.ORG, which place most of the documents the State Statistics Service, published on the official website. Proper placement we have copies of the originals and their compliance is checked from time to time, so OFFICIALLYREGISTERED needs, please refer to the originals on the official website. Unfortunately, the structure of the official site does not allow to post direct links to the documents of the site, so to find the original document on the official website, you may need additional time.