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Independent experts nominated by country party

Karen Jenderedjian

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Project Manager
Telephone number
+374 10 561075
Work experience
2010-2013 Project Manager, UNDP-GEF Medium-Size Project Developing the Protected Area System of Armenia. _x000D_
2006-2008 Member with networking responsibilities in Europe, Ramsar Convention Scientific and Technical Review Panel _x000D_
2002-2008 Expert, Ad Hoc Environmental Performance Expert Group, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Chairman of the Expert Group (2004- 2006) _x000D_
1999-2005 Member, Ramsar Convention’s Standing Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee’s Subgroup of Finance (1999-2002)_x000D_
1994- National Focal Point of Armenia to the Convention on Wetlands of present International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention)_x000D_
1989 Researcher in Amour River Joint Soviet-Chinese Expedition implemented by the Academy of Science of the USSR
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Biologist, Teacher of Biology and Chemistry, Biological Faculty of Yerevan State University – 1977_x000D_
PhD., Candidate of Biological Sciences, Zoological Institute, St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation - 1990
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Jenderedjian, K., 1994. Population dynamics of Potamothrix alatus paravanicus Poddubnaya & Pataridze (Tubificidae) in different areas of Lake Sevan // Hydrobiologia 278: p. 281-286. _x000D_
2.Jenderedjian, K., 1994. Influence of environmental factors on the production of Potamothrix alatus paravanicus Poddubnaya & Pataridze (Tubificidae) in different areas of Lake Sevan // Hydrobiologia 278: p. 287-290._x000D_
3.Jenderedjian, K., 1996. Energy budget of Oligochaeta and its relationship with the primary production of Lake Sevan, Armenia // Hydrobiologia, 334: p. 133-140._x000D_
4.Jenderedjian, K., A. Jenderedjian, T. Salathe, S. Hakobyan, 2004. About Wetlands, and around Wetlands in Armenia. Zangak, Yerevan: 64 pp._x000D_
5.Jenderedjian, K., S. Hakobyan, A. Jenderedjian, 2007. Use of benthic invertebrates as indicators of pollution origin in aquacultural and urban areas // Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk and Impact Assessment. Springer: p. 217-220.
Other activities
1. 2003- LakeNet, Member of the Steering Committee, Caucasus Regional Representative _x000D_
2. 2000- International Mire Conservation Group _x000D_
3. 1998- NGO Professional and Entrepreneurial Orientation Union, Vice-chair _x000D_
4. 1980-1991 All-Union Hydrobiological Society _x000D_
5. 2006-2010 Scientific Correspondent of the UNCCD from Armenia to the Committee on Science and Technology of the UN Convention To Combat Desertification
2003 Certificate of Honour from the Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia for ‘significant input into establishment and development of Sevan National Park’.
Organisation name
Ministry of Nature Protection
Organisation street address
UNDP Project Office, Ministry of Nature Protection, 5th Floor, 3rd Government House, Republic Square, 0010
Organisation city
Organisation country