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Levon Aghasyan

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
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Geographical Focus
Job function
Sustainable Development of Natural Ecosystems
Telephone number
+374 94-134949
Work experience
2011-2012-Team leader of the project “Conservation of the Critically Endangered Endemic Darevsky’s Viper in Lake Arpi National Park, NW Armenia” which is funded by the British Petroleum Conservation Leadership Programme._x000D_
2009-2010-Head of the program “Implementation of measures for conservation of Vipera darevskii through the harmonized solution of biodiversity protection and social economic issues in the region (Shirak marz, Ashotsk district, Ghazanchi community, Armenia)” implemented by SDNE. Funding provided by the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP), UNDP. _x000D_
2008-Expert in the WWF project "Biodiversity protection and Community Development: Implementing Ecoregional Conservation Plan Targets in South Armenia"_x000D_
2007-2008 -Team leader of the project “Conservation and further research of distribution of the critically endangered Darevsky's viper (Vipera darevskii) in Armenia” which is funded by the British Petroleum Conservation Leadership Programme._x000D_
2005-2006 Team leader of the project “Development of Conservation measures for the Darevsky’s viper in the caucasus” which was funded by the British Petroleum Conservation Programme._x000D_
2006-2007- Expert researcher of the project. “Study of the Present State of Populations of Amphibians and Reptiles as a base for Updating of Red Data List of Armenia and IUCN”, which was funded by CEPF. _x000D_
2004-present- Team member of the project “Research of Armeian viper (Montivipera raddei) distribution, movements and suitable habitats through application of radiotelemetry which is funded by St. Louis Zoo, USA
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
2000-2004 Yerevan State University, B.A of Biology._x000D_
2004-2006 Yerevan State University, MSc of Biology._x000D_
2009 - PhD applicant in National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Aghasyan A., Aghasyan L. 2004. The venomous snakes of Armenia. _x000D_
Aroghjapahutyun (Health Care) vol. 1.; _x000D_
2. Aghasyan A., Aghasyan L. 2004. First aid for the snake bites and the prevention measures. Aroghjapahutyun (Health Care) vol. 2._x000D_
3. Levon Aghasyan., Aram Aghasyan. 2006. Herpetological Conference ICU (Independents Country Union) in Puchino RF, according to “New facts of distribution and protection of Darevsky’s viper” (Vipera darevskii Vedmederja, Orlov et Tuniyev, 1986). _x000D_
4. Aghasyan L. 2009 What are the snakes doing in summer, Aroghjapahutyun (Health Care) vol. 4._x000D_
5. Aghasyan A., Aghasyan L., Kaloyan G. Study of Present Status of Amphibian and Reptile Populations for Updating the Red Data Book of Armenia and the IUSN Red List. Status and Protection of Globally Threatened Species in the Caucasus. Tbilisi: CEPF, WWF. Contour Ltd., 2009. pp. 125-130.
Other activities
2005(June 18 July 1) Attended the Smithsonian Institution Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Professional Training Program in USA. Front Royal, Virginia._x000D_
2006 (24-28 June) Attended the Society for Conservation Biology 20th Annual Meeting“Conservation Without Borders.” San Jose, California._x000D_
2007 (1-5 July) Attended the Society for Conservation Biology 21st Annual Meeting “One World,One Conservation, One Partnership”. Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa_x000D_
2008 (25-27March) Participated at the ninth Student Conference for Conservation Science, at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK._x000D_
2009 (11-16 July) Attended the 23rd International Congress for Conservation Biology (SCB) "Harmony for Nature and Society" Beijing, China.
Membership: Member of the Society for Conservation Biology - A global community of conservation professionals (SCB), from 2006 to present.
Organisation name
Development Group
Organisation street address
P.Sevak str.7, Yerevan 0014
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