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Selim Kapur

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Professor
Fac. of Agriculture
Telephone number
90 322 3386084/2220-2211
Work experience
1. Have participated in app. 10 projects on the soil survey and land use mapping of S-E Anatolia._x000D_
2. Leads Projects on the preservation of the environment via a multidisciplinary mode with components of agriculture, bio-diversity, endemic plants, geology, archaeology and animal husbandry._x000D_
3. General Secretariat of the Task Force of "Land Degradation", an international body accepted by the International Soil Science Society. _x000D_
4. Secretary of the organising committee of the International Conference on Land Degradation. I have been preparing the proceedings book along with an international editorial board that have lead us to direct our future strategy with activities for prevention of desertification. We are now publishing an International Newsletter on Land Degradation._x000D_
5. Creation of the Land Degradation map of Turkey wherein excursions are organized with an international body of experts for its accomplishment. We are currently doing the soil map of Turkey by processing i
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1. B.Sc. and MSc, Soil Science, University of Ankara, 1970_x000D_
2. Ph.D., Soil Science, University of Aberdeen, 1976
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Cangir, C., Kapur, S., Boyraz, D., Akça, E. 1996. Facts of Land Degradation in Turkey. Conference on Land Degradation, 10-14 June 1996 Adana, Turkey._x000D_
2. Kapur, S., Saydam, C., Akça, E. 1997. Carbon Pools of the Earth with Reference to Secondary Carbonates Calcretes. Plenary Lecture. In Preparation for the Conference. A Benchmark Paper for Discussion on "C" Sequestration, Tunisia. _x000D_
3. Soils of the Marran. TUBITAK Publication project No. Pro-534, Adana, Turkey._x000D_
4. Kubilay, N., Saydam, C., Yemenicioglu, A.C., Kelling, G., Kapur, S., Karaman, C., Akça, E. 1997. Seasonal chemical and mineralogical variability of atmospheric particles in the coastal region of the Northern Mediterranean. CATENA 28:313-328._x000D_
5. Kapur, S., Saydam, C., Akça, E., Aydin, M., Dinç, U., FitzPatrick, E.A., Pagliai, M., Kalmar, D., Mermut, A.R., 1997. Similarities and differences of the spheroidal microstructure in Verticole. Turkey and Israel. CATENA 28.297-311.
1. General Secretary of the International Task Force on Land Degradation._x000D_
2. Member, International Working Group on Mediterranean Soils._x000D_
3. Member, International Soil Science Society._x000D_
4. Member, National Soil Society of Turkey._x000D_
5. Member, Nationa
Organisation name
Cukurova University
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country