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Tej Pal Singh

First name
Tej Pal
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Information Systems
UN languages spoken


Job function
Telephone number
91 2712 35469
Work experience
Twenty one years experience of application of remote sensing (in natural resources inventory, development planning and management) in the premier institute (Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad) for application of space date in India. This includes experience as participant (field and practical) and as an advisor. The summary of work is provided below._x000D_
- Aerial photo interpretation, flight planning and aerial photography._x000D_
- Field radiometric data collection (agricultural farm), interpretation and analysis._x000D_
- Visual analysis of satellite data for land use/land cover, wasteland and agriculture._x000D_
- Multi-platform analysis for crop stress detection, assessment and mapping._x000D_
- Digital analysis procedures for land use/cover interpretation and mapping._x000D_
- GIS for resource inventory and planning, especially for wasteland (land degradation) development (land improvement) planning._x000D_
- Cadastral level mapping from space data and micro-watershed development/conservation planning.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Meerut University, 1970._x000D_
M.Sc. Physics, Meerut University, 1972.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Singh T.P., (1996) Application of remote sensing in land use mapping and planning, Proc. UN-ESCAP Workshop, Sept. 17-21, 19966, NRSA, Hyderabad, India (in press)._x000D_
2. Garima, A., Kothari, S. and Singh, T.P. (1995) Application of remote sensing in mapping and management of land degradation: A case study of Sagwada tehsil, Dungarpur, Rajasthan. Proc. of the Symp. on Remote Sensing of Environment and Management with Special Emphasis on Hill Regions, pp. 203-209._x000D_
3. Ghosh, R., Goel, R.K., Lole, B.S., Singh, T.P., Sastry, K.L.N., Patel, J.G., Vanikar, Y.V., Thakker, P.S. and Navalgund, R.R. (1993). District level planning-A case study of the Panchmahals district using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 14:3163-3168._x000D_
4. In Sahai, B. (1985) Land-use survey of Iddukki district. Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 6:507-516._x000D_
5. Patel, N.K., Singh, T.P., Baldev Sahai and Patel, M.S. (1985) Spectral response of rice crop and its relation to yield and yield att
Other activities
- Visiting professor to Gujarat University for teaching to Post Graduate Diploma in Space Sciences._x000D_
- Invited lectures on "Application of remote sensing & GIS in natural resources management" in number of National Institutes and International Workshops (in India)._x000D_
- Research Guide to Post Graduate visiting students at SAC (ME in resource management, Gujarat Univ.; M. Phil in Remote Sensing - Aligarh Muslim Uni.)._x000D_
- Life member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing._x000D_
- Life member of Indian Society of Geomatics._x000D_
- Life member of Astronautical Society of India._x000D_
- Life member of Indian Meteorological Society.
1. Secretry, Indian Society of Remote Sensing - Ahmedabad Chapter (1990-92)._x000D_
2. Organizing Secretary, National Conference - Geomatics 96, Ahmedabad.
Organisation name
Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics
Organisation street address
Block D, Floor 6, Sector 11, 382 011
Organisation city
Organisation country