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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yusuf Kurucu

Prof. Dr
First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Environmental Sciences
Job function
Prof. Dr
Staff member of Soil Science and Plant Nutriton Department of Agricultural Faculty
Telephone number
0090 232 3111510
Work experience
I had worked for many projects on soil mapping, soil reclamation and land consolidation as a soil scientist in A National Organization, General Directorate of Soil and Water, from 1981 to1994. I was responsible also soil mapping project of Western Regions of Anatolia during to these years. After graduating post graduate course from ITC (Holland), I have change my job to Ege University (1994) as a staff member and established a Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory. I had attempted totally 37 projects about soil mapping, soil degradation, erosion, water pollutions, land cover mapping, land use planning, land consolidation, regional developing projects and drought management as a leader or researcher. I was also part time consultant of Istanbul City Metropolitan Planning Center for building a data base of soil, land cover and general land use planning of Istanbul and Trace region by GIS and Remote Sensing techniques including fieldworks.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
BSc and Master, Soil Science, Ege University, 1980_x000D_
Post Graduate (Diploma) , Soil Science and Remote Sensing, ITC (Twentee, NL), 1990_x000D_
PhD, Soil science, Ege University
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Y. Kurucu, U, Altinbas, 1-1, Uysal, M, Bolen, M. T. Esetlili, F. Ozen, G.Yönter, N. Ozden, G. Yolcu, H. Karakurt, N. Altunel, 2011. Creating Potential Erosion Risk Map of The Karaburun Peninsula By Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Technique. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol 12, No2, 488 -501_x000D_
2. Tok H.H., Y.Kurucu, F.Peker, E.Erçal, E.Tok. 2011, A Rural Development Model For The Thrace Region, Organized Agricultural Zone. Journal Of Environmental Protection And Ecology, vol 12, No1,228-239_x000D_
3. Tok E., H.O.Konukçu, Y.Kurucu, H.H.Tok., 2010. Monitoring The Biomass Density Using Satellite Imagery in Order to Revise The Soil Erosion Classification Map in The Beykoz District. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol 11, No4,1529-1538_x000D_
4. Kurucu, Y., N., Küçükyilmaz Christina, 2007. Monitoring Of The Impacts Of Urbanization and Industrialization on The Agricultural Land and Environment of The Torbali (Izmir) Region,Turkey, Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. January 2008, Volume 136, Issue 1-3, pp 289-297._x000D_
5. Kurucu, Y., Sanli, F. Balik, Esetlili, M. T., Bolca, M. and Goksel, C., 2009. Contribution of SAR Images to Determination of Surface Moisture on the Menemen Plain, TURKEY, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol:30, No:7, p.1805 - 1817.
Other activities
1. Membership of scientific Committee of TEMA_ _x000D_
2. Membership of Turkish Soil Science Society _x000D_
3. Part time consultant of Agricultural Monitoring and Information Project organizing by Istanbul Technical University and Ministry of food, agriculture and livestock _x000D_
4. Part time consultant of HEMA Energy Company,
1. I had two best projects awards by TUBITAK-Ege University organizations in 2006 and 2007
Organisation name
Ankara University
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country