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International Drought Resilience Alliance

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No country is immune to drought and its impacts on food, water, and energy security, forced migration and natural resource conflicts. Europe, the western United States, Chile, Australia, and the Horn of Africa have all suffered extreme droughts in recent years. These unprecedented droughts have far-reaching impacts on agriculture, energy, transportation, tourism, and human health. 

From 1998 to 2017, drought generated economic losses of about US$124 billion across the world, not to mention the cost in human suffering and lives.

Drought frequency, severity, and duration are projected to increase in the short term due to climate change, which is expected to cause to a large displacement of people from affected areas in the long run.

The overwhelming evidence points to the need to shift from crises management to drought preparedness and adaptation measures that significantly reduce vulnerability and exposure at all levels. World leaders recognize the need for a global collaborative platform, with political engagement at the highest level and a network of implementing partners to support countries and communities considering their different circumstances.

Responding to these needs, the International Drought Resilience Alliance was first announced by Spain at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2022 to be officially launched at the UNFCCC COP27 in November 2022. The alliance is jointly convened by President of Senegal Macky Sall and President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez.  Interested members of the Alliance see the urgent need to pivot from emergency response to increasing drought resilience through a more coordinated and effective response.


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Over the Border Music Diversity Festival 2024

When: 10 марта 2024 - 27 апреля 2024

Where: Bonn

As we gear up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Convention on 17 June, cultural events around Bonn – home of the Secretariat and the host of this year's Desertification and Drought Day global observance – reflect the city's mission as the hub of international cooperation and cultural diversity. The 2024 edition of the Over the Border Music Diversity Festival, which UNCCD has been supporting throughout its eight-year history, will present a musical journey through urban Afrobeats, jazz sessions, Latin salsa and cumbia, Balkan beats and Celtic folk evenings. This year's festival will bring a total of 132 artists from 29 countries to 14 concerts at seven venues across the City of Bonn. More info:

Over the Border Music Diversity Festival 2024
10-27 мар/апр 2024
Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought 5th meeting

When: 18 - 21 марта 2024

The Conference of Parties at its fifteenth session (UNCCD COP 15) established an Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought  during the triennium 2022 - 2024, tasked with identifying and evaluating global policy instruments and regional policy frameworks in the context of the national plans to effectively manage drought under the Convention, including supporting a shift from reactive to proactive drought management. Leading up to UNCCD COP16, the group will hold the next (fifth) meting in La Serena, Chile on 18-21 March 2024) and the sixth and final meeting will take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 3-6 June 2024 to address the following topics: Financing mechanisms for drought resilience; Setting of global target and global work programme for drought resilience Legally binding protocol or Amendment to the Convention Non-legally binding decisions, political declaration, or other kind of non-legally binding instruments outside the Convention

Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought 5th meeting
18-21 марта 2024