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Latest publications

Latest publications
The cascading and compounding impacts of drought

This policy brief highlights drought impacts. All life on Earth is connected through water as part of a complex, interconnected planetary system. Drought stresses and…

Nature-based solutions for drought resilience

A new report from TNC shows the potential for nature to help us adapt to a changing climate. This technical brief highlights the critical role of nature in building drought…

Global drought snapshot 2023: The need for immediate action

The numbers presented in the new publication on drought speak volumes about the urgency of addressing this pressing issue. To combat the negative effects of drought, global…

Land and the road to decarbonization and resilience

Land can play a substantial role in simultaneously overcoming the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate change. Nature conservation, sustainable land management, and…

Regional factsheet on Central Asia

In Central Asia, governments and international organizations have undertaken significant efforts since the 1990s to inventory, develop, and promote sustainable land management …

Regional midterm strategy for sand and dust storms management in Central Asia for 2021–2030

A long-term vision of the Regional Strategy for Sand and Dust Storms Management in Central Asia for 2021–2030 is to reduce the vulnerability of Central Asian countries and…

GLO2 cover


Global Land Outlook 2nd edition

The second edition of the Global Land Outlook (GLO2), Land Restoration for Recovery and Resilience, sets out the rationale, enabling factors, and diverse pathways by which countries and communities can reduce and reverse land degradation.

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