Ecuador to host WDCD 2018

Equador WDCD2017

Next year, Ecuador will host the global observance of World Day to Combat Desertification. The announcement was made by the GRULAC representative at the closing session of COP13.

The country has been actively observing WDCD, promoting programs that involve young people in land restoration and reforestation.

In 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Affairs of Ecuador, together with representatives of local government authorities, beneficiary organizations and the general public, gathered in the Paltas canton on 17 June to commemorate WDCD. During the event, collaborators have signed agreements for the implementation of the investment project "Integrated Management for Combating Desertification, Land Degradation and Adaptation to Climate Change’’(GIDDACC) to apply sustainable land management measures for climate change adaptation, focusing on gender equity and interculturality. Afterwards, authorities and beneficiaries of the project went on a field trip to observe the adaptation measures and to witness the improvements in agriculture, livestock production and general quality of life.

In addition to the event held in Paltas, several meetings took place at universities in various provinces that can be engaged under the GIDDACC Project. Also, the Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge has organized an event “I Plant my Future: Responsible Reforestation to Fight Desertification” on June 17. The event informed young people on reforestation practices and engaged them with nature, building environmental awareness (See programme).

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