A Better World. Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals

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Volume 4 in a series titled “A Better World”, the book sub-titled “Life on Land” is published for the United Nations by UK publisher, Tudor Rose. “Life on Land” is about Sustainable Development Goal 15, and target 15.3 more specifically, which is about achieving Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) globally by 2030. Land degradation neutrality is the technical term referring to intentional actions to avoid, reduce and reverse degradation of the land.

The book features contributions by UNCCD staff on the importance of Goal 15 and the current status of achieving LDN and covers a range of sustainable development initiatives from climate science and land management to intercultural dialogue and humanitarian assistance. The publication presents experiences and livelihoods of people in vulnerable human habitats, showing the benefits of best policy and practices and providing inspiration for those working in the human development sector, including community leaders in vulnerable regions around the world. Link to the full text publication