Call for requests for support for national multi-stakeholder consultations on land tenure

The decisions taken by the Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) encourage countries to integrate the principles and practices contained in the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure of Lands, Fisheries and Forest in the context of national Food Security (VGGT) into the design and implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and other land restoration initiatives. LDN and other land restoration initiatives are broadly defined as programmes, projects, or other organized and deliberate actions to avoid, reduce, and reverse land degradation at all scales. UNCCD decision 27/COP.15 encourages Parties to: … host inclusive and participatory national level dialogues on the implementation of decision 26/COP.14, building on all forms of available knowledge, including data generated by people in vulnerable and marginalized situations, including Indigenous peoples and local communities, those living in rural areas, women, youth, and persons with disabilities. … explore ways to integrate land tenure information into their capacity development efforts and data analytic tools for evidence-based decision-making to support land degradation neutrality implementation through integrated land-use planning. UNCCD decision 27/COP.15 invites the UNCCD secretariat to: … provide, upon request, support to Parties in order to implement a land tenure strategy and action plan. … develop specific guidance and exchange lessons learned, through national consultations in selected countries across regions, to assist Parties on the ways and means to integrate land tenure into land degradation neutrality, such as targets, plans, projects and programmes on desertification, land degradation and drought. For more background on the relevant COP decisions and the work of the UNCCD-FAO joint initiative, please consult the presentations and videos of the regional webinars held 15-17 May 2023. The technical guide on the integration of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries, and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT) within the implementation of the UNCCD and Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) is available for download in all six UN languages. Requests for support will only be considered if they include the PDF application form, duly filled out, with attachments as indicated and the participation of the UNCCD national focal point and their ministry in either a convening or supporting role. All submissions will be reviewed by the UNCCD-FAO and its technical partner organizations. Those countries selected to receive support are expected to be notified by September 2023 with national consultations to be held starting in late 2023. Subject to the availability of resources, support for national consultation will be jointly defined with the selected country. Further details on the submission process are included in the PDF application form.  

Call for requests for support to assist countries in strengthening LDN targets and integrated land use planning

In line with relevant provisions of COP15 decisions, the secretariat and the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD and its partners are very glad to inform all UNCCD country Parties of the launch of the “Call for Requests for Support to Assist Countries in Strengthening Land Degradation Neutrality Targets and Integrated Land Use Planning Frameworks”.   Through this call, the UNCCD will select 15 countries to participate in the second phase of the Land Degradation Neutrality Target Setting Programme (LDN TSP 2.0) and a GEF-funded Enabling Activity project developed in collaboration with IUCN to facilitate “Integrating Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) into land use planning frameworks to strengthen national UNCCD enabling environments”. The deadline for submission of applications is June 2nd 2023. National Focal Points of interested country Parties are also cordially invited to participate in an online information session that will be held on May 19th 2023 @ 1.00 pm (Bonn time). Please register at: Further information on this Call and the concept note of the LDN TSP 2.0 can be downloaded in all official UN languages. FRANÇAIS Conformément aux dispositions pertinentes des décisions de la COP15, le secrétariat et le Mécanisme mondial de la CNULCD et ses partenaires sont très heureux d'informer tous les pays Parties à la CNULCD du lancement de l'"appel à demandes de soutien pour aider les pays à renforcer les cibles de neutralité de la dégradation des terres et les cadres de planification intégrée de l'utilisation des terres".   Par le biais de cet appel, la CNULD sélectionnera 15 pays pour participer à la deuxième phase du Programme de définition des cibles de neutralité de la dégradation des terres (LDN TSP 2.0) et à un projet d'activités habilitantes financé par le FEM et développé en collaboration avec l'UICN pour faciliter "l'intégration de la neutralité de la dégradation des terres (NDT) dans les cadres de planification de l'utilisation des terres afin de renforcer les environnements nationaux habilitants de la CNULD". La date limite de soumission des candidatures est fixée au 2 juin 2023. Les points focaux nationaux des pays Parties intéressés sont également cordialement invités à participer à une session d'information en ligne qui se tiendra le 19 mai 2023 à 13h00 (heure de Bonn). Veuillez-vous inscrire à l'adresse suivante   De plus amples informations sur cet appel et la note conceptuelle du LDN TSP 2.0 peuvent être téléchargées dans toutes les langues officielles de l'ONU.   ESPAÑOL En línea con las disposiciones pertinentes de las decisiones de la COP15, la secretaría y el Mecanismo Mundial de la CNULD y sus socios se complacen en informar a todos los países Parte de la CNULD del lanzamiento de la "Convocatoria de Solicitudes de Apoyo para Ayudar a los Países a Fortalecer las Metas de Neutralidad en la Degradación de Tierras y los Marcos de Planificación Integrada del Uso de la Tierra".   A través de esta convocatoria, la CNULD seleccionará 15 países para participar en la segunda fase del Programa de Establecimiento de Metas para la Neutralidad en la Degradación de Tierras (LDN TSP 2.0) y en un proyecto de Actividad Habilitante financiado por el FMAM y desarrollado en colaboración con la UICN para facilitar la "Integración de la Neutralidad en la Degradación de Tierras (NDT) en los marcos de planificación del uso de la tierra para fortalecer los entornos habilitantes nacionales de la CNULD". La fecha límite para la presentación de solicitudes es el 2 de junio de 2023. Los Puntos Focales Nacionales de los países Parte interesados también están cordialmente invitados a participar en una sesión informativa virtual que se celebrará el 19 de mayo de 2023 a las 13:00 (hora de Bonn). Por favor, regístrese en:   Puede descargar más información sobre esta convocatoria y la nota conceptual del LDN TSP 2.0 en todos los idiomas oficiales de la ONU en esta página web.

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