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Article 4. General obligations

SDG goals
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1. The Parties shall implement their obligations under this Convention, individually or jointly, either through existing or prospective bilateral and multilateral arrangements or a combination thereof, as appropriate, emphasizing the need to coordinate efforts and develop a coherent long-term strategy at all levels.
2. In pursuing the objective of this Convention, the Parties shall:
(a) adopt an integrated approach addressing the physical, biological and socio-economic aspects of the processes of desertification and drought;
(b) give due attention, within the relevant international and regional bodies, to the situation of affected developing country Parties with regard to international trade, marketing arrangements and debt with a view to establishing an enabling international economic environment conducive to the promotion of sustainable development;
(c) integrate strategies for poverty eradication into efforts to combat desertification and mitigate the effects of drought;
(d) promote cooperation among affected country Parties in the fields of environmental protection and the conservation of land and water resources, as they relate to desertification and drought;
(e) strengthen subregional, regional and international cooperation;
(f) cooperate within relevant intergovernmental organizations;
(g) determine institutional mechanisms, if appropriate, keeping in mind the need to avoid duplication; and
(h) promote the use of existing bilateral and multilateral financial mechanisms and arrangements that mobilize and channel substantial financial resources to affected developing country Parties in combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought.
3. Affected developing country Parties are eligible for assistance in the implementation of the Convention.