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Animal Draft Zero-Tillage

Animal draft zero-till involves the use of an animal-drawn mechanical planter to plant directly in un-tilled soil to minimize soil disturbance and leave a cover of crop residues to conserve the soil and water. The protective soil cover reduces evaporation and enhances infiltration while the improved soil structure and organic matter content increases soil water storage making zero tillage an important drought mitigating strategy.

Note: For this SLM technology case, the SPI report on Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change refers to: Kaoma-Sprenkels, C., Stevens, P.A. and Wanders, A.A. 1999. IMAG-DLO and conservation tillage: Activities and experiences. In: Kaumbutho P G and Simalenga T E (eds), 1999. Conservation tillage with animal traction. Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (ATNESA).

Land use type
Mixed land
Technology group
Type of land degradation addressed
Biological degradation
Chemical soil deterioration
Physical soil deterioration
Soil erosion by water
Animal Draft Zero-Tillage