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Community protection of microbasins through reforestation

A community-led reforestation effort that led to the legal protection of a forest area and improved water quality and quantity from the microbasin located within the forest area. The community-led ensures the quantity and quality of the water supply and the legal protection of the forest area.

Communities using the micro-basin agreed to make the area a protected forest area and stop using it for other purposes (such as grazing or agriculture). Community greenhouses were established to produce native tree species seedlings, which are then transplanted in the field over time.

Note: For this SLM technology case, the SPI report on Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change refers to: Wendland, K.J., et al. 2015. Protected Area Effectiveness in European Russia: A Postmatching Panel Data Analysis. Land Economics, 91 (1), 149–168. ISSN 0023-7639; E-ISSN 1.

Land use type
Technology group
Reducing deforestation
Type of land degradation addressed
Water degradation
Community protection of microbasins through reforestation