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Hydro-mulch is a complex mixture of water and wood or paper fibres. Additionally it can contain seeds, surfactants, seed-growing bio-stimulants, nutrients and a green colorant. Hydro-mulch is a mixture of water and wood or paper fibres and other materials such as seeds and nutrients. It is spread immediately after a wildfire, providing an initial ground cover of 80%, to reduce overland flow and prevent soil erosion.

The hydro-mulch is applied once, immediately after the wildfire, using machinery or manually providing an initial ground cover of 80%,. The seed composition should include native plant species, in order to avoid alien species into the burnt area and increase the germination success. The hydro-mulch was found to reduce soil erosion and post-fire runoff.

Land use type
Technology group
Soil erosion control
Type of land degradation addressed
Physical soil deterioration
Soil erosion by water