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Use of phyto-pesticides

Using environmentally friendly phyto-pesticides, made from natural plant extracts to help combat pests and diseases. Plant extracts include potatoes, onions or tomato stalks, garlic, pepper, dandelion, common wormwood and thorn apple extracts.

The overall goal of phyto-pesticides is to combat pests and diseases, using an environmentally friendly, natural method without the need for chemical pesticides. They do not affect the surrounding flora and fauna and preserve biological organisms in the soil. This is an easy-to-use and low-cost technology, which mainly requires the collection and drying of plant parts to make the pesticides. It can be used in any environment during the growing period.

Land use type
Technology group
Fire, pest and diseases control
Type of land degradation addressed
Biological degradation
Use of phyto-pesticides