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Independent experts nominated by country party

Joshua Zake

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Agricultural sciences
Soil science
Thematic Areas
Carbon sequestration
Climate change
Climate variability
Communication and awareness
Disaster risk management
Ecological resilience
Ecosystem services
Environmental degradation
Environmental governance
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental monitoring
Environmental policy analysis
Food security
Integrated water resources management
Integrated natural resources management
Land cover change
Land degradation
Land restoration/reclamation
Land-use change
Land-use planning
Livelihood analysis
Monitoring and assessment
Policy analysis
Risk assessment
Rural development
Science policy analysis
Soil conservation
Soil degradation
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable development
Sustainable land management
Vegetation degradation
Water conservation
Water logging and salinity
Water quality
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Technical and Strategic Advisor
Telephone number
Work experience
I have conducted extensive research on various issues related to soil fertility management, soil and water conservation, agroforestry, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. I have been involved in the development and implementation of various policies that address drought, land and soil degradation in Uganda. These include: The National Land policy, National Landuse policy, Draft National Soils Policy, National Climate change Policy (2015), National Environment Management Policy, National Environment Act (2019), National Climate Change Act (2021), National Forestry Policy (2001), Draft National Wetlands Policy, National Energy Policy, National REDD+ Strategy. Furthermore, on several occasions I represented the CSOs in various decision making process and spaces at the national level that impacted on the policy formulation and implementation. Some of these include: Technical Working Group; Water and Environment Technical and Sector Review Meeting; National Task-force for the review of National Forest at the East African Community level, I contributed technical inputs into the following policy documents: a) East African Regional Forestry policy and strategy for East African Community; ) Eastern Africa Regional Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan; c) Eastern Africa Climate Change Policy; and d) Ramsar Centre for Eastern Africa (RAMCEA) 10 Year Strategic Plan, 2021-2030. My research studies, both at the master and doctoral levels integrated gender in the design, data collection, analyses and synthesis. This was out of my awareness and appreciation of the role of gender in research and development As a Lead Consultant for the Technology Needs Assessment for the Forestry Sector in Uganda, I integrated integrated gender in the program design of the development of the development of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA); Barrier Analyses & Enabling Environment; and the Technology Action plans for climate change adaptation.
Organisation name
Regenerate Africa
Organisation street address
Poster Road, Lukuli Makindye
P.O. Box 107466
Organisation city
Organisation country