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The overall goal of FAO’s actions on drought is to develop the capacity of drought-prone countries to increase societal resilience and enhance their drought responses and recovery capabilities to reduce the impacts of future drought events.

  • Awareness creation to improve understanding among policy-makers and decision-makers of the importance of drought risk management; 
  • The development of guidelines tailored for specific drought-prone regions and of other technical tools to facilitate the adoption of proactive drought management policies at the country level;
  • Capacity development in drought policy through training at the regional and country levels;
  • The provision of direct support to countries to implement proactive drought management policies through field projects;
  • Building partnerships with specialized organizations and research centers as well as with country-level and regional networks of institutions concerned with drought to promote proactive drought policies and enhance country support;
  • Carrying out studies to characterize drought and its management in different regions (FAO, 2019).