Ciencia Mágica from Mexico receives UNCCD Land Heroes Award

Ciencia Magica team

On Desertification and Drought Day 2020, Ciencia Mágica received the UNCCD Land Heroes Award in recognition of the outstanding work to limit the footprint left on the land by human production and consumption. The winner was announced by TV host Olivia IH during the talkshow co-produced by UNCCD and Korea Forest Service, the host of the global observance event:

The project, created by two young women from Mexico, presents a Family Garden Kit to promote the growth of sustainable crops in cities and rural areas, in an effort to reconnect humans with nature.

Through their actions, Alondra Jazmín Fraustro Cardiel and Silvia Alejandra Lara Valdez contribute to food security, environmental protection and livelihood opportunities in Mexico. 

They have gratefully accepted the USD500 monetary prize hat will help to further develop the initiative:

We wish to help with the installation of community gardens and carry out environmental education projects and workshops in more schools. We are also working on a publication "Caring for the planet as a family" to generate environmental awareness in society.

— Alondra Jazmín Fraustro Cardiel, UNCCD Land Hero

You can learn more about Ciencia Mágica on Facebook.

The UNCCD Land Heroes campaign achieved an impressive reach on social media in the past months, as hundreds of Land Heroes around the world shared their projects to inspire their peers and raise awareness on the crucial role of protecting healthy land, safeguard biodiversity and fight  climate change. You can meet and follow some of other Land Heroes on social media:

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the campaign for their dedicated and passionate work toward a more sustainable planet!