COP14: Three new SPI technical reports are now available

new report covers

The Science-Policy Interface (SPI) of the UNCCD has just published three important technical reports.                           

SPI Objective 1.1

Realizing the Carbon Benefits of Sustainable Land Management Practices: Guidelines for Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon in the Context of Land Degradation Neutrality Planning and Monitoring

SPI Objective 1.2

Creating an Enabling Environment for Land Degradation Neutrality and its Potential Contribution to Enhancing Well-being, Livelihoods and the Environment

SPI Objective 2

The Land-Drought Nexus: Enhancing the Role of Land-based Interventions in Drought Mitigation and Risk Management

The SPI works to translate current science into policy options that are relevant to the 197 Parties of the Convention resulting from assessment and synthesis of current science. In October 2017, the UNCCD Conference of the Parties (COP) requested that the SPI produce these reports as part of their work programme. The key messages of these reports will be considered in the deliberations of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST) and will help ensure a strong scientific foundation to the policy decisions taken at UNCCD COP14 (2-13 September 2019, New Delhi).

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