Eco-restoration depends on public cooperation, international forum in China confirms

pradeep manga meets with scos

Wuwei City, Republic of China – 180 representatives from over 20 countries have gathered on 12-13 September in the northwest China's Gansu Province to share their experiences and promote non-governmental cooperation in ecological restoration along the Belt and Road -- the economic region historically known as the Great Silk Road, where today many countries are facing serious desertification and land degradation problems. 

Addressing the delegates of The International Forum on Public Cooperation for Ecological Remediation, UNCCD Deputy Executive Secretary Mr. Pradeep Monga highlighted the main concept of the Bell and Road Initiative – to build an ecologically sound civilization and meet environment, biodiversity and climate challenges through involvement of all the relevant stakeholders. He called for effective alliances and strong partnerships between governments, international organizations, academic institutions, NGOs, CSOs and entrepreneurs to promote active actions that tackle land degradation, poverty and water scarcity. 

The Forum, organized by the China Green Foundation, the China NGO Network for International Exchanges and International Forestry Cooperation Center of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, will witness the launch of a non-government restoration project to plant Populus euphratica trees along the Belt and Road. The Minqin initiative for strengthening CSO partnerships on ecological remediation and the International Special Fund for Ecological Restoration along the Belt and Road will become key tools to ensure the project’s success. 

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