First Global Land Degradation Neutrality Forum


As part of its efforts to enhance LDN implementation, the Government of Republic of Korea, in partnership with the UNCCD, will host a Global LDN Forum, designed to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and knowledge in land degradation neutrality (LND) implementation among relevant stakeholders.

The Forum will provide an opportunity to explore and discuss insights and experience on how the global community can strengthen partnerships to support achieving LDN. The Forum will also look into options to promote peace and security and improve the living conditions of communities in cross-border regions through LDN implementation, including sustainable land management (SLM). By sharing best practices and experience in land and forest management, the Forum will perform a vital role in enhancing LDN implementation as well as building peace. 

The Forum will have the following objectives:

  • Showcase collaboration and partnership building to support LDN implementation and present LDN as a transformative framework to address land degradation for sustainable development;
  • Contribute to the promotion of peace by facilitating sharing of best practices and experience on transboundary cooperation in land management and rehabilitation;  
  • Share experiences and discuss how LDN initiatives can bring together partners, including governments, communities, donors, NGOs and practitioners in achieving national LDN targets to maximize multiple benefits.

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