New paper: Land resources opportunities for a growing prosperity in the Sahel

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The negative image of the Sahel is a stranglehold on the great potential for development in the region. A more balanced narrative can trigger action for a productive Sahel and can be based on innovative approaches and a conducive policy environment to value natural resources. Despite a rich set of information, the potential of the Sahel is still not flagged with sound knowledge that can be opposed to the conspicuous depressed perception. Positive transformation pathways require many improvements in the governance, finance and equity issues with a particular reference to the youth and women. The Sahel can sustain its sustainable development if transformation occurs in natural resources management. The new paper co-authored by the UNCCD Executive Secretary Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw and published by ScienceDirect analyses:

  1. The opportunities related to natural resources
  2. The potential and challenges for deep rapid transformation based on sound resources management practices
  3. Areas for job creation and livelihood protection; and
  4. New models for financing these developments.