The role of sustainable land management in ecosystem restoration

publication launch card

UNCCD Secretariat and WOCAT will launch their joint new publication "Restoring Life to the Land – The Role of Sustainable Land Management in Ecosystem Restoration." It will illustrate how Sustainable Land Management (SLM) experience feeds directly into ecosystem restoration efforts, as well as ecosystem maintenance.

SLM has a central role to play in all the eight United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration ecosystems, through combatting land degradation but also by generating multiple co-benefits including climate change mitigation, resilience, improved biodiversity and enhanced production. In terms of land degradation neutrality – a central component of ecosystem restoration - SLM directly supports to avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation.

Speakers representing different ecosystems and regions of the world will share their experiences in restoring life to the land with good SLM practices: from mountains to coasts, grasslands to forests, and croplands to urban areas. Sign up here to join.

A summary of the publication is available here.