UNCCD podcast series: new episode

podcast episode 3

Bonn, Germany – UNCCD is producing new podcast series on good land stewardship for present and future generations. This podcast is designed to share stories, news and conversations about land, desertification, climate change, sustainable development goals and environmental issues. Each month, UNCCD will share the best stories from the land featuring scientists, policymakers, stakeholders and sustainable land management practitioners. 

In the first episode Ermias Betemariam, UNCCD SPI member provides his expertise as the Land Health Scientist of the World Agroforestry Centre. He also answers some of the questions that the audience might have on land and the involvement of the World Agroforestry Centre in helping and learning from farmers, governments and civil organizations. More episodes coming soon.

In the second episodeUNCCD SPI member Graham von Maltitz discussed problems of water availability, soil fertility and climate change in Africa. 

The third episode features Mr. Bongani Simon Masuku, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of eSwatini, UNCCD National Focal Point and the UNCCD SPI member/observer, discussing  land tenure, drought and job opportunities in Africa

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