We are far from solving the Sahel problem

Ibrahim Thiaw

UNCCD Executive Secretary Ibrahim Thiaw speaks with Deutsche Welle on 5 June 2020

In this interview Ibrahim Thiaw, the executive secretary of UNCCD points out that the situation in Sahel is dramatic. There is less land available for the needs of an ever growing population. People have less land due to the degradation of the natural environment, due to drought, due to climate change. And on the other hand, Sahel is facing a growing demography. So the inflection point has been reached for a long time. There are more crises in the Sahel region and we are far from having solved the Sahel problem. 

Will the international community come to support in order to stabilize the situation in the Sahel, to prevent what we are experiencing in the Sahel from spilling over to the rest of Africa or even the rest of world? This situation must be taken very seriously. Listen to the interview...