World Migratory Bird Day 2019: message from Ibrahim Thiaw


As we take action to manage our land resources in a sustainable way, let’s also protect all the living creatures that the healthy land supports and depends on. On this World Migratory Bird Day, let's remind ourselves about everyday contributions that all of us can make to ensure the health of the planet and its inhabitants, including birds.

Healthy land relies on migratory birds just as much as they depend on it to feed, breed and rest during long journeys. In exchange, birds pollinate plants, carry seeds and control pests. Keeping land free from plastic pollution is a way to protect migratory birds and their habitats. While disposable plastic products are often used for their main purpose only briefly, discarded plastic can linger on Earth for hundreds of years, killing birds that get entangled in plastic debris or swallow them. When we keep plastic waste away from natural habitats, we benefit a myriad of living organisms. Be assured that they will return the favor by keeping our planet healthy and beautiful.

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