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Capacity Building Marketplace

This section was established and is owned, operated, maintained and managed by the UNCCD secretariat in accordance with its mandate to support capacity building activities as granted by the Convention. It strives to be the central point and exchange for all knowledge, resources and activities related to capacity building within the framework of the UNCCD.  The site forms an integral part of the secretariat’s website as well as its Comprehensive Communication Strategy and knowledge management system.

All users of and visitors to this website are advised as follows:

  • This site was developed and is operated and maintained as a service to UNCCD Parties and all who have an interest in the efficacious implementation of the Convention. The secretariat bears no responsibility for contractual or other arrangements that users of this service might enter into with third Parties.
  • The UNCCD secretariat retains exclusive rights regarding: the content it places on this site, when and how it is placed, and when it shall be removed.
  • Only the secretariat will vet and determine the suitability of all information placed on this site.
  • Useful, authentic, relevant and up to date information concerning and promoting capacity building is welcome from all sources, including from public, private, civil society organization or any other credible source.
  • All information, exercises and other content concerning capacity building offered by any other entity other than that content organized and offered within the United Nations system, once placed on this page automatically carries a disclaimer from the UNCCD secretariat regarding that content's quality, contents and the delivering agency.
  • No information shall be placed on the site if any uncertainty exists regarding its authenticity or the authenticity of the entity providing the said information.
  • Where information coming from an external source can be found on the Internet, this site shall only carry a short introduction of the same while providing an external link, so that interested parties may access the information directly from the source’s page or site.
  • Links and references on this site to non-UN third-party websites and pages are provided as a service in keeping with the objectives of this Marketplace. Their inclusion in no way implies the secretariat’s endorsement, recommendation or support of the contents they offer, or of the entities promoting the same.
  • Users of and visitors to this site accept that the secretariat only provides the services of a marketplace by bringing requests and offers together in one common space. The secretariat is in no way liable nor bears any responsibility for the relations third Parties decide to establish therein.
  • All users of the services offered by this site and visitors to the same accept that all decisions made by the secretariat concerning the placement of information on this site; operation of this site; or any other matter relating to the site shall be final.

Please also see see the general terms of use for the UNCCD website.