Land Degradation Neutrality: The Target Setting Programme

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In this brochure, we set out the case for the full implementation of goal 15 “Life on Land”. In particular, we highlight how UNCCD Parties are working together to achieve target 15.3 on land degradation neutrality (LDN). At this stage, we are losing around 12 million hectares of land each year. We need to stop this critical loss and turn this trend around. Literally speaking, the health and productivity of the ground that we stand on will determine the future prosperity and security of humankind. Land degradation neutrality is a simple but revolutionary idea that can connect the dots between most global goals and targets. It is a commitment to avoid degradation, to move towards sustainable land management and at the same time to massively scale up the rehabilitation of degraded land and soil. It may come to redefine our relationship with the nature.