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Balance of Payments Statistics (BOP)

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The Balance of Payments provides a framework that is applicable for a range of economies, from the smallest and least developed economies to the more advanced and complex economies. As a result, it is recognized that some items may not be relevant in all cases.

The balance of payment is a statistical statement that summarizes transactions between residents and nonresidents during a period. It consists of the goods and services account, the primary income account, the secondary income account, the capital account, and the financial account.

Under the double-entry accounting system that underlies the balance of payments, each transaction is recorded as consisting of two entries and the sum of the credit entries and the sum off the debit entries is the same.

The different accounts within the balance of payments are distinguished according to the nature of the economic resources provided and received. 

Geographic Coverage: Balance of payments data are available for approximately 204 economies and investment position data are available for approximately 143 economies.