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Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

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The Electronic Journals Library was founded in 1997 by the University Library of Regensburg in co-operation with the University Library of Technische Universität München. The aim of this project was to present e-journals to the library users in a clearly arranged interactive form and to provide the EZB member libraries an efficient administration tool for e-journal licenses.

At the moment, 616 institutions actively take part in the Electronic Journals Library; in addition, the EZB is also used by virtual subject libraries and information services.

The co-operation between all EZB member institutions allows the collection of reliable access data concerning the e-journals and constant expansion of the vast collection of open access journals. Due to collective data management, the journal information in the EZB is of a high standard and constantly up to date.

Over the years, the University Library of Regensburg has constantly been developing the EZB and extending its functions. For instance, EZB users can now look up both print and electronic holdings via a mutual availability search tool that has been developed in co-operation with the ZDB. EZB member libraries can now easily manage various types of licenses. The flexible adaptation of the system to local requirements and special interfaces to other digital services complete the comprehensive service of the EZB.

The Electronic Journals Library is a service to facilitate the use of scholarly journals on the internet. It offers a fast, structured and unified interface to access full-text articles online.

It comprises 88300 titles from all areas of research, 17776 of which are available online only. In addition, 90402 journals, which are provided by aggregators, are listed. The EZB contains 55284 journals which are accessible free of charge to anyone. Furthermore, the participating libraries provide their users access to the journals they subscribe to.

The journals are presented in lists sorted by research area. An updated list is generated by the database according to the member library's specifications each time it is accessed.