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About the Forestry Compendium

The Forestry Compendium is a unique global compilation of knowledge on forestry. It has a comprehensive, worldwide coverage on tropical, subtropical, temperate and boreal tree species of major economic importance, and lesser-known species of local importance. It also covers in detail many of the pests that damage these trees. It is a reference tool, which provides a basis for informed selection of woody species for a variety of uses, including for trials in plantation, agroforestry and natural forest systems.

Vital stats

  • Over 1300 detailed datasheets on trees, prepared by experts and independently verified
  • More than 800 detailed datasheets on forest pests, diseases and weed species
  • Basic data on over 20,000 species of forestry interest from CABI's TREENAMES taxonomic database
  • Over 5500 pictures to allow for easy identification and teaching
  • More than 326,000 bibliographic records from our CAB Abstracts database updated weekly
  • Full text of over 22,303 important journal and conference articles
  • Interactive, multilingual glossary, including nearly 2000 forestry terms defined in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese
  • A library of documents on various aspects of Forestry including the full text of over 100 selected documents, including texts from FAO, CABI and CIFOR 

Unique features

  • Extensive global coverage of trees and forest pests in a single resource with fast and easy navigation between text, images, maps and databases 
  • Report generator to enable key information to be rapidly edited and disseminated 
  • Maps of species distribution