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GEF-SGP is rooted in the belief that global environment problems can best be addressed if local people are involved and there are direct community benefits and ownership. GEF-SGP is convinced that with small amounts of funding, members of local communities can undertake activities that will make a significant difference in their lives and environments, with global benefits. GEF-SGP operates from the bottom up, expert-reliant development interventions and in a decentralized and country-driven manner, through National Coordinators and National Steering Committees and a Central Programme Management Team based in New York.

The Principal Objectives of the SGP:

· Develop and implement community-level strategies that could reduce threats to the global environment if they are replicated over time.

· Gather lessons from community-level experience and share successful community-level strategies and innovations among all stakeholders.

· Build partnerships and networks of stakeholders for replication and up scaling of successful projects.

Participation, democracy, flexibility and transparency are cornerstones of the SGP approach. SGP encourages and supports the participation of communities, civil organizations,donors, private sector and other stakeholders in all aspects of programme planning, design, implementation and evaluation.