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Integrated Water resource management by the implementation of improved Agro- Forestry concepts in arid and semiā€¦

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Desertification is the most challenging problem in dry-lands of Latin America, resulting from the non-sustainable use of the natural resources, leading to a reduction of the productivity of ecosystems and agriculture, thus increasing the poverty of the inhabitants. It is a must to contribute to fight against this situation through a sustainable management of resources in an international scope. Bringing together agroforestry approaches with an integrated water resource management (IWRM) is the key direction that must be followed in order to enhance the sustainable development of the region.

The general objective of WAFLA is to coordinate the current research, technological innovation and social and policy development activities, creating synergies to promote the adoption of IWRM and improved agroforestry systems in order to propose real solutions to combat the degradation of dry lands and to enhance rural development in Latin America. The main outcome of WAFLA will be the identification of management strategies and policy options for the promotion of region-adapted agroforestry structures, by providing with a Latin-American Joint Arid-Agroforestry Management Guidelines, based on the participatory management of agroforestry modules, with the involvement of local communities.

This concept will harmonise technology, institution and environment, proposing strategies of implementation based on local conditions, with appropriated technological, economical and social tools, which will include:
(1) identification of indigenous and adapted species with market value,
(2) development of suitable technology packages for production of quality crops,
(3) development of adaptable management prescriptions for planting, irrigating, maintenance, harvesting and processing,
(4) development of an information network of markets for agroforestry products to empower local producers and traders and
(5) development of a sustainable Arid-Agroforestry Extension and dissemination Strategy.