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The Migration Data Catalogue is a product of the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography. It is a thematic collection of datasets organised in different policy areas that reflect the current EU priorities in migration. Information on contents, methodology, geographic and temporal coverage, as well as on frequency of update for the different sources is there to provide insights into what data is available, including its potential for supporting different types of analysis. The catalogue is a live product and as such it is expected to evolve and be kept up-to-date over time. Note that it does not provide direct access to the data for analysis, but rather links to the relevant data sources.

The target audience of this data catalogue is primarily policy makers and practitioners of migration. The catalogue is intended to answer the question "what data exists already that can be of use to study migration and develop migration policies". Academics and other experts are encouraged to use the links to the data sources to find more detailed and updated information directly from the data providers themselves.

The catalogue contains both official, international statistics at the EU and the global level, and selected operational data, including at the Member State level. Key cross-cutting datasets for the study of migration are all intended to be included. Users are warned to exercise care before using short-term operational data, for instance, to provide evidence. Inclusion of such data is there to help with completing the overview, which is the primary purpose of this knowledge management product. KCMD welcomes suggestions as to additional data sources to be included in this product or about modifications of the descriptions. Please use the functional email kcmdatjrc [dot] ec [dot] europa [dot] eu (kcmd[at]jrc[dot]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu) with "KCMD data catalogue" in the subject.