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Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca (MGAP)

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Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
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456 Avenida General Eugenio Garzon
12900 Montevideo


Al Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca (MGAP) is responsible for:

  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the agricultural, agro-industrial and fisheries sectors 
  • Organize and develop the protection of the health and quality of production processes of products of plant and animal
  • Ensure achieve food safety
  • Generate regulatory and operational tools that allow operators to develop their activities in adequate conditions of information, transparency and equity, improving access to technology and information necessary to increase productivity, quality and competitiveness of production
  • To help protect public health, environment, agriculture system and the interests of consumers; promote integration into both regional and extra-regional foreign markets; and inspect and promote the sustainable management and use of natural resources.
  • Ensure and promote sustainable rural development, with emphasis on economic, social and environmental development
  • Promote interagency coordination to achieve a fairer share of producers, employees and organized society in the decision regarding distribution of wealth generated and support the improvement and modernization of direct institutional structure and referred to the linkage with the other state organization; tending to design differentiated and comprehensive sectoral policies that conditions to overcome existing production models from the past.