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Ministry of Environment Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)

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Ministry of Environment Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
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30 Misr Helwan El-Zyrae Road, Maadi


Institutional Framework

In June 1997, the responsibility of Egypt's first full time Minister for Environmental Affairs was assigned as stated in the Presidential Decree no.275/1997. From thereon, the new ministry has focused, in close collaboration with the national and international development partners, on defining environmental policies, setting priorities and implementing initiatives within a context of sustainable development.

According to the Law 4/1994 for the Protection of the Environment, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) was restructured with the new mandate to substitute the institution initially established in 1982. At the central level, EEAA represents the executive arm of the Ministry.

An Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) will in accordance with the Environment Act of 1994 (amended by Law 9/2009) be set up. The Fund will receive the amount specifically allocated to it in the General State Budget by way of support, donations and grants presented by national and foreign organizations concerned with environmental protection, fines and compensation awarded by courts of law or via out-of-court settlements for damage caused to the environment, as well as revenues from the protectorates fund.
The EPF shall have a legal personality and shall be affiliated to the competent Minister for Environmental Affairs. The financial resources of the Fund shall be exclusively used for the purpose of realizing its objectives.

The Agency will offer incentives to institutions and individuals engaged in activities and projects directed to environmental protection purposes.