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Ministry of International Cooperation

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Ministry of International Cooperation
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Effective utilization of international cooperation partnerships and mechanisms towards overall economic development of the country and supporting its regional role.


The Ministry of International Cooperation develops and supports the economic cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and other countries, international and regional organizations. Advises on the standards and regulations for external borrowing and the receiving of foreign grants, reviews the disbursements and repayments of local borrowers in addition to the disbursements of beneficiaries from foreign grants, adhering to the framework of the general policy of the State, to ensure the achievement of economic development, in line with the internationally aid effectiveness principles endorsed by Egypt, and best practices for management of official development assistance.

Strategic Plan

Objectives to develop the international cooperation mechanism:

  1. To reinforce the sovereignty of the state and the independence of political decisions and to ensure that international agreements are in line with national priorities rather than what is dictated by foreign partners.
  2. To increase available foreign currency to lessen the reserve burdens and to secure cash resources for the implementation of development projects, especially those targeting the poorest and the most remote areas.
  3. To increase economic return and to reduce external funding costs by diversifying financial sources and tools and enhancing negotiation skills and contractual terms.
  4. To realize optimum benefit from foreign cash resources to satisfy the economic development requirements.
  5. To depend on the best international expertise in developing the state’s different sectors, thereby ensure the effective implementation of development projects.
  6. To develop fields contributing to boosting the Egyptian economy through effective participation in international and regional conferences and seminars.