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National University of Life and Envirommental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES)

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National University of Life and Envirommental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES)
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15 Heroiv Oborony Street
Kyiv city


The mission of the University is to:

create, systematize, store and spread current scientific knowledge in order to improve the quality of people’s life; train specialists due to European and world intellectual and personal development.

     According to the status of higher education institutions, the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukrainehas IV accreditation level, andis a research institution, which conducts educational; scientific and research; scientific and innovative; educational and industrial; and information and consulting activities aimed at studying the contemporary science issues about life and environment; at usage, reproduction and balanced development of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems bio-resources, introduction of new environmental agro- and biotechnologies, technologies of safety revival and soil fertility, energy-saving agricultural technologies, environmental and legal management in rural areas, monitoring and control of standards compliance, quality and safety of agricultural products, processed products and environment.

      The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading institutions of education, science and culture in Ukraine. More than 26 thousand students and more than 600 graduates, PhD students and seekers studyat 3 educational and research institutes and 13departments of basic university institution (in Kyiv) and 10 separate units of NULES of Ukraine – regional universities of І-ІІІ accreditation levels.

     Educational process and scientific research at the University are provided by more than 2,600scientific and educational and pedagogical workers, including about 300 professors and doctors of sciences, more than 1,000 assistant professors and PhDs.