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Réseau National des Aires Protégées

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Ministro do Ambiente, Habitação e Ordenamento do Territóri (MAHOT)
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Cape Verde
natural resources management
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Cape Verde



The main objectives in the management of a protected area are:

  • Scientific investigation
  • Protection of forest areas
  • Preservation of species and genetic diversity
  • Maintaining the ecological balance of the regions where PAs are inserted
  • Tourism and recreation
  • Promoting environmental education
  • Sustainable use of resources derived from natural ecosystems
  • Maintenance of cultural and aesthetic values
  • Meeting the basic needs of Cape Verdean man


The management of protected areas and natural resources are guided by the following principles:

  • Prevent breakage, alteration and contamination of natural environments
  • Ensure that the potential use of renewable natural resources is made without diminishing their ability to recover
  • Repair, as far as possible, changes in natural habitats
  • Protect historical or archaeological elements that may be integrated into protected areas
  • Respect traditional customs and customs insofar as they are not contrary to the purpose of the protected area
  • Promote the socio-economic development of the local population in a manner compatible with the management objectives outlined
  • Facilitate public participation in the declaration and management of protected areas