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Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA)

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Republic of Rwanda
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natural resources management
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KN 3 Avenue


Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) is an authority that leads the management of promotion of natural resources which is composed of land, water, forests, mines and geology. It shall be entrusted with supervision, monitoring and to ensure the implementation of issues relating to the promotion and protection of natural resources in programs and activities of all national institutions. Particularly, RNRA is responsible for:

  1. implementing national policies, laws, strategies, regulations and government resolutions in matters relating to the promotion and protection of natural resources;
  2. making a follow up and implementing international conventions Rwanda ratified on matters relating to the conservation of natural resources;
  3. advising the Government on appropriate mechanisms for conservation of natural resources and investments opportunities;
  4. registering land, issueing and keeping land authentic deeds and any other information relating to land of Rwanda;
  5. ensuring proper geological data and their respective maps;
  6. providing technical advise on the proper use of natural resources;
  7. making follow up and supervising activities relating to proper management, promotion and valuation of natural resources;
  8. rehabilitating and conserving where natural resources are damaged in the country;
  9. making a follow up and supervising activities relating to the proper use of natural resources;
  10. promoting activities relating to investment and added value in the activities of use and exploitation of natural resources in Rwanda;
  11. initiating research and study on natural resources and to publish the results;
  12. instituting regulations, guidelines and appropriate mechanisms for management, use and conservation of natural resources and ensuring their implementation;
  13. establishing cooperation and collaboration with other regional and international institutions with an aim of harmonising the performance and relations on matters relating to management of natural resources.